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Victim of PIP breast implants?

Estimate your compensation in 3 minutes.

As a leader in the defence of victims, the PIPA team offers its know-how to help you calculate your compensation free of charge.

A unique tool made available to victims for the first time.

What is it about?

Olivier Aumaître, lawyer at Paris bar, has been working on the PIP case since 2010.

TÜV Rheinland, the certifier of PIP implants, has been ordered by several French courts to compensate the victims.

Olivier Aumaître obtained the appointment in court of medical experts to assess the damages of the plaintiffs.

These experts have detailed their evaluation method (Dinthillac scale) and the criteria to be retained for the compensation of bodily injuries.

Olivier Aumaître and PIPA have obtained the first final expert reports.

Thanks to our expertise and based on case law, we can estimate the amounts that may be awarded by the courts and thus indicate the final compensation that we will claim for the clients we represent.


The compensation calculated is only indicative, depending on the information available and the elements resulting from current judicial expertise that can be analysed. It constitutes neither a commitment on our part nor a guarantee of compensation. We decline all responsibility in the event that lower compensation is finally awarded to you. Obtaining such compensation presupposes that your losses are documented. As the courts are sovereign, the amounts awarded may vary. There is an inherent uncertainty in all legal proceedings. Adjustments may be made to this calculator based on future decisions. Your situation may itself change in the future and thus affect the final calculation. This calculator has been designed to cover the majority of cases, as identified to date. However, it is possible that certain specific situations or situations not yet listed may not be taken into account at this stage. The formulation of your requests and the handling of your files remain the responsibility of your lawyer.

How we can help?

We can represent you in legal procedures in France. These actions have already enabled 22 000 victims to receive an interim payment by 3 000 euros (further compensation will be awarded after an expert report).

We propose you to include you in new ongoing legal lawsuits.